Many believe man was not meant to meddle with magic, and nothing gives more credence to this than the existence of Warp.

--- Beginning of the Thaumonomicon entry for Warp

Warp is a slow descent into insanity that plagues thaumaturges who dare to research and practice forbidden arts. Its effects are usually harmful, ranging from minor inconveniences to life-threatening emergencies, though some rare effects can be beneficial as well. Obtaining some amount of warp is necessary to unlock most of Thaumcraft's advanced recipes and features.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A gauge filled with purple liquid two thirds of the way, with a zombie brain at the top.

A sanity checker displaying a player's current warp.

Types of warp[edit | edit source]

The most common form of warp is gained when a player engages in specific forbidden activities, which for the purposes of this article will be referred to as active warp. There are three distinct kinds of active warp:

  1. Temporary warp, which will slowly fade away over time
  2. "Regular" warp (internally referred to as "sticky warp") which does not fade on its own, but can be removed by specific methods
  3. Permanent warp, which cannot be removed by normal gameplay means

A player can roughly monitor their levels of all three kinds of active warp by holding a sanity checker.

In addition to active warp, certain tools and armor have the Warping attribute, which will temporarily add the amount of warp specified by the Warping level to the player for as long as the item exists within the player's inventory. This kind of warp will be referred to in this article as item warp.

Warp events[edit | edit source]

The primary manifestation of warp comes in the form of random events that will occur at random intervals. The events that are able to occur, their frequency, and their severity correlate with the amount of warp the player has, and how often the player gains new warp.

In addition to their primary effect, all warp events will be accompanied by an intense headache represented by a pulsating darkening of the edges of the screen and a soft heartbeat sound effect. Most events are further signposted to the player by a chat message describing what has just occurred.

Warp events will not occur to players with the Warp Ward effect. Otherwise, severity of warp events can be slightly reduced by wearing a thaumium fortress helm augmented with the mask of the grinning devil.

Hidden research[edit | edit source]

There are three pieces of research that require the player have a minimum amount of warp to unlock. Each one will be given to the player automatically during the next successful warp event if they have the necessary minimum amount. Only sticky and permanent warp count toward this requirement.

Warp Needed Message Research Unlocked Extra Effects
11 "Surely there must be a way to stop these headaches?" Purifying Bath Salts ---
26 --- Eldritch Epiphany Gains 10 random research points

Unlocks Eldritch tab

51 --- Eldritch Revalation Gains 20 random research points

"Wuss mode"[edit | edit source]

Warp mechanics can be suppressed by enabling "wuss mode" in Thaumcraft's mod configuration file. This will prevent all players from gaining warp and prevent all warp events from occurring. However, research that requires warp to obtain (and thus, all other research that depends on that research) will be inaccessible as long as this feature is enabled.

Warp events[edit | edit source]

Warp counter[edit | edit source]

Warp events are controlled by a hidden value that this article will refer to as the warp counter, . This counter directly controls the probability of whether warp events will occur when triggered, where a higher value corresponds to a higher chance. It also plays a role in determining an event's type and severity, with a higher value increasing the risk of more severe effects. Each player has their own independent warp counter that begins with a value of zero.

Every time a player gains new active warp of any kind by any means, their warp counter will be set to their new total active warp:

where is temporary warp, is sticky warp, and is permanent warp.

Each time a warp event successfully occurs to a player, their warp counter will be reduced by twice the square root of the counter or 5, whichever is greater:

The combination of these two behaviors creates a system where warp effects will gradually fade away over time as warp events occur, eventually fading to nothing and ceasing warp events altogether; however, should a player engage in any new warping activity, warp events will continue until they slowly fade once more. It is worth noting that equipping items with the Warping attribute will not reset this counter, and thus will not reawaken dormant warp.

Triggers[edit | edit source]

Warp events will attempt to trigger for any player that currently has active warp on regular intervals of 100 seconds. On each trigger, a random number is taken between 0 and 99 (inclusive) and compared against the square root of the player's warp counter:

If the random number is less than or equal to this value, a warp event will occur immediately.

After each successful trigger, any hidden research items the player is eligible to receive will be granted to them.

One point of temporary warp will be deducted from the player (if they have any) on each trigger, regardless of whether the trigger succeeds.

If the player has the Warp Ward effect active, all triggers will be skipped entirely.

Event selection and severity[edit | edit source]

When a warp event is ready to occur, a new hidden value, , is calculated with the following expression:

where is temporary warp, is sticky warp, is permanent warp, and is the sum of all item warp from items in the player's inventory.

If the player is wearing a thaumium fortress helm augmented with the mask of the grinning devil, will be reduced by a random number between 2 and 6 (inclusive).

A random number, , is generated between 0 and (inclusive). will determine the event which will occur, while will determine that event's severity, if applicable.

Event list[edit | edit source]

Message Effect Duration Level / Quantity
0-8 "Strange whispers reveal secrets to you." Gain random research points --- 1
9-12 "What was that noise? Something is behind you." --- --- ---
13-16 "You feel oddly drained." Flux Flu 4:10 (max IV)
17-20 "Your stomach suddenly gurgles very strangely." Thaumarhia sec ---
21-24 "A sudden and unnatural hunger consumes you." Unnatural Hunger 4:10 (max IV)
25-28 "Something is following you." --- --- ---
29-32 "A thick fog appears from nowhere. Something stirs in its depths." Spawn eldritch guardian --- 1
33-36 --- Blurred Vision sec ---
37-40 "The light suddenly becomes overwhelmingly bright and burns your skin." Sun Scorned 4:10 (max IV)
41-44 "You suddenly feel reluctant to break things." Mining Fatigue 4:10 (max IV)
45-48 "You feel oddly drained." Flux Phage 5:00 (max IV)
49-52 "Your perception suddenly expands." Night Vision sec ---
53-56 "Your vision becomes strange and grim." Deadly Gaze 5:00 (max IV)
57-60 "They're everywhere! Run!" Spawn fake mind spiders --- Up to 50
61-64 "Something is watching you. Maybe it is time to stop." --- --- ---
65-68 "A thick fog appears from nowhere. Something stirs in its depths." Spawn eldritch guardian --- (max 8)
69-72 --- Blindness sec ---
73-76 "You have a moment of clarity." Remove sticky warp --- 1
77-80 "A sudden and unnatural hunger consumes you." Unnatural Hunger 5:00 IV
81-88 "Strange whispers reveal secrets to you." Gain random research points ---
89-92 "They're everywhere! Run!" Spawn real mind spiders --- Up to 50
93-100 "A thick fog appears from nowhere. Something stirs in its depths." Spawn eldritch guardian --- Up to 8

Sources of warp[edit | edit source]

Active warp[edit | edit source]

Active warp can be acquired via any of the following means:

Source Warp Chance
Temporary Warp
Eldritch guardian/eldritch warden screech 1-3 100%
Attack from a warped champion mob 1-3 33%
Eating a zombie brain 1-3 90%
Attack from runed stone 1-2 50%
Infusion instability event 1-5 75%
Sticky Warp
Eating a zombie brain 1 10%
Infusion instability event 1-5 25%
Crafting an item unlocked by forbidden knowledge 1 100%
Researching forbidden knowledge 0 if mostly harmless

Else 1/2 of research warp (rounded up)

Permanent Warp
Researching forbidden knowledge 1 if mostly harmless

Else 1/2 of research warp (rounded down)


Warp from research and crafting[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all research that will grant the player warp when unlocked. If the research provides a crafting recipe, that recipe may or may not also grant the player warp every time that item is crafted, as detailed in the table below. Warp will only be given to players that manually craft these items using an arcane worktable, crucible, or infusion altar; automatic crafting with a thaumatorium will not grant warp to any players.

Research Section Warp Crafting Warp?
Research Mastery Basic Information 1 ---
Bone Wand Core Thaumaturgy 1 No
Bone Staff Core Thaumaturgy 1 No
Bottled Taint Alchemy 1 Yes
Angry Ghost Faceplate Artifice 1 No
Sipping Fiend Faceplate Artifice 1 No
Golem Core: Butcher Golemancy 1 No
Primal Node Manipulation Eldritch 1 ---
Void metal Wand Caps Eldritch 1 No
Wand Focus: Nine Hells Thaumaturgy 2 Yes
Sinister Lodestone Artifice 2 Yes
Infernal Furnace Artifice 2 ---
Wand Focus: Primal Eldritch 2 Yes
The Crimson Cult Basic Information 3 ---
Liquid Death Alchemy 3 Yes
Brain in a Jar Artifice 3 Yes
Flesh Golems Golemancy 3 Yes
Staff Core of the Primal Eldritch 3 Yes
Advanced Golems Golemancy 5 No
Opening the Eye Eldritch 6 No

Item warp[edit | edit source]

The following items have the Warping attribute and will grant the player item warp whenever they are in the player's inventory:

Item Warping
Crimson Cult hood 1
Crimson Cult robes 1
Crimson Cult leggings 1
Crimson Cult boots 1
Void helm 1
Void chestplate 1
Void leggings 1
Void boots 1
Void shovel 1
Void pickaxe 1
Void axe 1
Void sword 1
Void hoe 1
Void thaumaturge hood 2
Void thaumaturge robes 2
Void thaumaturge leggings 2
Crimson blade 2
Primal crusher 2

History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes Added warp system. Warp events that spawn entities now have a maximum cap of how many entities will spawn. Added sticky warp and the Warping item attribute.

Forbidden knowledge research now splits its warp roughly equally between permanent and sticky warp.

All warp events with varying severity are now soft-capped to some maximum intensity, in case a player has a ridiculous amount of warp.

Warp effects have been rebalanced.

Warp events that give status effects now only scale either the effect's level or duration, not both. Revamped the warp event trigger system. Warp effects now fade with time as long as a player abstains from further warping activities.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the absolute worst case scenario, a warp event has only a 10% chance to occur on every trigger. On average, this will result in just under one warp event per 11 minutes.
  • The only way to decrease a player's warp counter without commands is to allow warp events to run their course by occurring successfully. Because of this, along with the fact that the counter always decreases by a predictable amount given its current value, the number of warp events a player is due to receive in the near future is effectively a fixed number that depends only on the warp counter value.
  • Since the Warp Ward effect causes warp event triggers to be skipped entirely, the following side effects will be observed while it is active:
    • Temporary warp will not decrease over time.
    • Hidden research will not be granted, even if the player has the necessary warp to obtain it.
    • The warp counter will not decrease. This effectively means any warp events a player is due to receive are not canceled, but merely delayed until the ward wears off.

Videos[edit | edit source]


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