Warded jars are the most basic, and first-available, means to store essentia .

Usage Edit

The warded jar is used to store up to a maximum of 64 units of one type of essentia. It is also possible to label the jar so that only a specific type of essentia can be stored in it. The warded jar can take only a single pipe connection, on the top of the jar.


A warded jar can be crafted in an Arcane Workbench .

7 glass panes and 1 wooden half slab. Glass panes are in a box with the slab at top center. It costs 1 Aqua vis.

Labels can be crafted in an Arcane Workbench. They are a shapeless recipe: 4 paper, 1 ink, and 1 slimeball for 8 labels.

Thaumonomicon ExcerptEdit

Essentia can be stored in Warded Jars. Warded Jars can be placed in the world and are able to store essentia virtually indefinitely. The enchantments placed on the jars also makes adding or extracting essentia a breeze. Jars placed under the spout of an alembic will be automatically filled.They can also be filled and emptied using phials. 

Shift clicking on jars and alembics with an empty hand will empty them. As long as a jar contains some essentia, you can attach a Jar Label to it. This label will 'lock' the jar to that type of essentia and it will not be able to accept any other kind of essentia. 

You can remove a label by shift clicking with an empty hand on the side of the jar containing the label. Take care not to shift click on any other side as it will empty the jar as normal. You can place a label in a crafting bench with a phial of essentia to assign an aspect to it and when placed on an empty jar it will automatically lock the jar to that aspect. the essentia used in the recipe is not consumed. 

Placing it on a filled jar will change the label to the jar's essentia type.

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