Warded arcana adds a group or arcane items that only the owner can break with a wand and only they can open unless they give others gold or iron keys to grant access. To link a key to a block, click on it with the key. The iron key allows players to open and close it and nothing more. People with gold keys can do just that but also hand out iron key access but not gold key access and still cannot break it. The arcane pressure plate can be right-clicked by the owner in order to toggle its modes. It can be set off only by you, by everything, and everything except for you. Note that these blocks can ONLY be broken with a wand BY THE OWNER.

Added Item List:

Arcane door

Arcane Pressure Plate

Arcane Glass

Crafting: Edit

Iron/Gold Key: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Place a nugget of the corresponding metal in the top left corner, one below and to the side of it too and place an ingot of the corresponding metal in the top right corner to make the corresponding key.

Essentias: 5x Ordo 5x Aqua

Warded Door: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Zombie brain in the middle, thaumium ingots in the corners and greatwood planks in a diamond shape.

Essentias: 20x aqua, 10x terra, 10x ordo 5x ignis.

Warded Pressure Plate: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Greatwood planks in the middle, a zombie brain on top and thaumium ingots either side.

Essentias: 20x aqua, 10x terra, 10x ordo 5x ignis.

Warded Glass: Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

Glass filling the bottom and top rows, zombie brain in the middle and greatwood planks either side.

Warded Arcana