Wand Recharge Pedestal

"Automated Wand Recharging" -Azanor

This device is the core of a "node room" -- when a wand (or staff, scepter), or even a Vis Amulet, is placed on the pedestal, it will drain primal vis from any or all nodes within 8 blocks in any direction until the item is full. If all available nodes run out of an aspect, the pedestal will continue drawing bits of vis as the nodes regenerate.

An accessory, the Compound Recharge Focus (no relation to wand foci) can allow the pedestal to drain compound aspects, but it only gets one primal point for each compound point.

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

"Traveling around the countryside to recharge your wand is all good and well, but an automatic way of doing it would be much better.

This specially crafted pedestal does just that—any wand placed in it will automatically draw Vis from nearby nodes.

Nodes will not be fully drained unless it is a poor quality wand crafted from iron or sticks. "

Crafting Edit

  • Arcane Infusion, with an Arcane Pedestal in the center.
  • 1 gold ingot
  • 4 diamonds
  • 1 hopper
  • 10 Auram
  • 15 Permutatio
  • 15 Praecantatio

Instability: Minor

Research by AspectEdit

  • Auram
  • Permutatio
  • Praecantatio