The Wand Focus: Primal is a focus with constantly changing vis cost. It uses all 6 types of vis, with each randomly choosing a value between 0.5 and 2.5.

Properties Edit

Upon use it fires a Ball of Primal Energy which changes course mid-flight. When the ball touches something, it explodes, breaking blocks and dealing a seemingly random amount of damage. This can be scanned for 16 of each primal aspect, though is hard to do if you cannot fly.

Uses Edit

As the amount of damage is seemingly random, it is not normally suitable for combat (though it can be upgraded in a Focal Manipulator to home in on the nearest living being, which alone makes it a very useful weapon indeed). It can be used as a demolition tool, if you do not mind the occasional spawning of Taint. It can also be used to create aura nodes, but this is highly impractical, as it destroys whatever it hits (though it's certainly possible to use it in a box of blocks under the influence of Wand Focus: Warding to avoid destroying things, provided you've got a way to deal with the Taint as well).

The Thaumonomicon hints at other uses for this focus, but aside from it occasionally creating aura nodes and causing Taint, none are known.  The research for this focus can be found in the new Eldritch tab, which is unlocked by gaining a large amount of warp.