The Wand Focus: Fire is a foci that is able to unleash a deadly stream of fire which will light up enemies on fire.


This focus must be fitted on a wand or staff in order to be used. Holding the right-mouse button will continue to produce flames and consume 1 Ignis vis per tick till it runs out of vis. Note that it will not set blocks on fire the fireball or fire beam upgrade is selected from the Focal Manipulator.

This focus can be upgraded at the Focal Manipulator, and can be given potency levels to deal more damage to enemies.

Important: Mobs under the influence of Fire Resistance effect and nether mobs take no damage from this focus.

If fully upgraded, it can shred low durability armor in seconds and put a dent in others.

If not enchanted with Potency, this wand's fire damage on a single enemy (not counting the ignited enemy's burning damage over time) is lower than a wooden sword's damage. Note that it does affect every mob in a cone, so it becomes quite economical on packs of enemies.

If fired in short single tick bursts, it shoots one quick gout of fire that ignites all enemies in a cone.  If used this way, the multiple-enemy damage over time exceeds all other wand foci for damage per vis (but not damage per second).


Materials required to craft:

  • 4 Ignis Shards
  • 4 Nether Quartz
  • 1 Fire Charge
  • 20 Ignis
  • 10 Perditio

Aspects Required for Research Edit

  • Ignis
  • Potentia
  • Praecantatio

ThaumonomiconEntry Edit

"It is capable of sending forth a cone of elemental fire, burning all in its wake."

Video Edit

Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial -Fire Foci-

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial [Fire Foci]

this video was made by Zautos.