Wand Focus Excavation

Wand Focus: Excavation

The wand focus: excavation mimics the Wand of Excavation from Thaumcraft 3. This wand focus may be placed on any tier wand and, when used, will drain 0.1 vis per tick of the Terra aspect from your wand during mining. It may, however, be used indefinitely if the beam is not touching any blocks, and the focus will not take durability damage.

The Wand Focus: Excavation will shoot a green beam of light that has a range of 10 blocks and may be used to mine and collect any block it is pointed towards like a normal pickaxe would. It will not mine normally indestructible blocks such as ender portal frames and bedrock.

The Wand Focus: Excavation is also used as a critical component of the Arcane Bore and its enchantments will transfer over to the Bore. The focus is not consumed in this process.

Thaumonomicon entryEdit

"This focus turns your wand into a tool capable of moving vast amounts of earth and stone with little effort. Simply point it at what you want to excavate and the magic does the rest. Tougher materials take longer to mine, and anything other than earth, stone or similar materials will take much longer to mine.


Wand Foci Excavation Option
  • Wand focus excavation research recipe
  • Praecantatio
  • Perditio
Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft 4.2 Tutorial -Wand Focus Excavation-

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