Void metal is a strong and mysterious substance. It is used in the normal crafting table to make tools with the same effectiveness as diamond and armor and even better. Even more impressively, it regenerates durability quickly. It also weakens enemies when they are struck by it. All of the void metal items, armor and tools have the Warping effect which gives the player temporary warp while worn or used. The void metal sword has the Lesser Sapping effect which gives the wielder the ability to gain the health of the people they hit.

The helm, chestplate and leggings can be used to make Void Thaumaturge Robes.

Crafting: Edit

Crafting void metal requires two steps in the crucible (or a Thaumatorium):

First, create void seeds by putting wheat seeds into a crucible with 2x Alienis, 8x Tenebrae and 8x Vacuos essentia. (Void seeds can also be dropped by members of the Crimson Cult)

Then convert these into void metal ingots by putting a void seed into a crucible containing 8x Metallum Essentia.

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