Thaumostatic research

Research for Thaumostatic Harness

The Thaumostatic Harness is a jetpack-like tool that is worn in the "chest armor" slot.


When worn, it provides a 2% bonus to vis costs, and 5% for Aer. To use, simply press H(configurable) to activate the harness. To navigate, use the Spacebar to increase altitude and Shift to decrease altitude. Use the movement keys(W,A,S,D by default) to move around.

When flying, touching the ground makes a "thump" noise, but unlike creative mode, touching down does not turn the harness off. The Harness is powered by a jar of Potentia essentia, which must be loaded into the harness beforehand. To load the harness, hold it and right click to  

Thaumostatic Harness 4.2.3

Thaumostatic Harness

open its GUI. This will let you place or replace a jar of Potentia in its only slot. Having done so, you can put the harness on normally. 

When wearing the harness, there will be a fuel gauge on the screen. While flying, the gauge will be crowned with flickering sparks (the player will be also be surrounded by harmless sparks). The fuel burns fairly slowly, but remember that the harness must be taken off to refuel.

  • By default, horizontal motion is quite slow, but the harness can be enchanted with Haste to increase flying speed. A Thaumostatic Girdle can also be worn to both increase flying speed, and prevent most fall damage.  (It will also increase fuel usage.)
  • Note that the infusion to create this device requires a comparator, which implies access to Nether Quartz.


The Harness's speed was reduced, and the Girdle introduced, in verson 4.1.