A tainted mob is a result of a mob dying while under the effect of Taint poison(which can be commonly obtained by walking on fibrous taint).

Characteristics of Tainted MobsEdit

All tainted mobs are agressive towards players and any other entities that provokes it and will attack the same way as zombies do. Some tainted mobs(Tainted chicken, tainted pig and tainted cow) are also agressive towards passive mobs(including wolves).

A few tainted mobs can spread taint to other places. This includes the tainted creeper and the tainted sheep, the former spreads taint by exploding(no block damage, inflicts Taint poison to all nearby entity) while the latter consumes grass to spread taint(note that the grass block won't turn into a dirt block).

Other characteristics:

  • Tainted creepers, similar to their former selfs, are afraid of ocelots and cats.
  • Tainted villagers cannot open doors of any kind.

Several kinds of Tainted MobsEdit

If the mob that dies isn't a chicken, cow, pig, sheep, creeper or villager while under the effect of Taint poison, it will turn into a Thaumic Slime.

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