The Sword of the Zephyr is a weapon that is capable of levitating the player and damaging multiple entities within range when struck.

Attacking and BlockingEdit

When used to attack, the Sword of the Zephyr will hit not only the enemy you are aiming at, but others close to that enemy, including some who might be otherwise out of reach. Note that golems are exempted, but Travelling Trunks are not.    

The greater powers of the sword appear when it is used to block (right-click):  The user will be surrounded by circling winds.  Not only will these push away all other entities (mobs, players, projectiles, and loose items), but the wielder will slowly rise into the air, until they reach a ceiling or release the block. While flying in this manner, they can move horizontally, at the usual speed for moving while blocking. This also serves to halt a fall, which is handy once the player has floated up to some dangerous height, or simply wants to descend into a ravine or the like.    

Blocking will consume durability at a slow but steady rate.  If the sword has Repair, each time a point of durability is restored, the sword will briefly "unblock", and the player will fall briefly. This will not prevent flight, but will make it somewhat uneven. The projectile protection does include such things as Ghast fireballs. 


Sword of Zephyr
  • Telum
  • Aer
  • Potentia

Trivia Edit

  • The word "zephyr" normally means a light wind. It comes from Zephyrus, the ancient Greek (demi-)god of the west wind.