Straw golem

Straw Golem without a Golem Core

Straw Golems are the most basic of golems. They are the first golem which you will discover. While they may be squishy and weak, at least they are fast.

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

"You have discovered the secret of creating golem workers. While the Iron Golem is impressive in its own way, it is very limited and uncontrollable.You have managed to solve both problems.

Your golem workers have just enough will and self-awareness to make them useful tools, but not enough to render them uncontrollable."


  • Durability: Very Low
  • Strength: Very Low
  • Self-repair: Average
  • Carry Limit: 1
  • Speed: Fast
  • Upgrades: 1

Crafting Edit

Straw Golem Crafting

A Straw Golem can be crafted using a Crucible or a Thaumatorium.


  • Hay Bale


  • 4 Humanus
  • 4 Motus
  • 4 Spiritus

The golem you craft can be placed in the world, but will remain inactive until given an animation core.

The placement of the golem needs to be considered carefully - if you wish it to interact with inventories, you will need to place it by clicking (or shift-clicking) on the inventory on the side you wish it to interact with.

Most golems can operate in a range of 16 blocks around their home location.

Research by AspectEdit

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.28.30 pm

Resonant Rise 3 Thamucraft V4.2.3.5

File:Straw golem.jpg
File:Straw Golem Research.PNG
Straw Golem Research

Thaumcraft 4.?.?

Straw golems v4.2.3.5


  • Spiritus
  • Motus
  • Permutatio
  • Messis

When this research is completed it automatically unlocks the Golemancer's Bell and the first Golem Animation Core - Golem Core: Gather. For more details and to see how these are crafted refer to their respective research entries.

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