Sanity Checker

A player holding a sanity checker. The GUI can be seen at the top-left corner of the screen.

The sanity checker is one of the first items revealed on the Eldritch Tab. Its sole purpose is to let the player keep track of their current warp levels. When held, it shows a GUI in the top left corner of the screen displaying the varying types of warp the player has. The darkest purple band is permanent warp, while lighter purple is normal (formerly "sticky") warp, and pink is temporary warp. The gold bands represent the required warp levels for the Eldritch Epiphany and Eldritch Revelation. If the meter "overflows", the brain atop it will appear cracked; this level is required for comprehending the Crimson Cult book (WIP).

Crafting Edit

Infusion Altar:

Middle Item: Thaumometer.

Outside Items:

1x diamond.


1x zombie brain.

1x mirrored glass.


8x Alienis.

24x Cognitio,

24x Sensus.

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