Runic Armor has been replaced by Runic Shielding baubles in the latest version of Thaumcraft. This page (temporarily) maintained as a reference for those using older versions.

Standard Runic ArmorEdit

The basic runic armor set consists of a headpiece, chestplate, legplate and boots. They are not armour per se, and thus do not appear on your character, letting you enjoy your skin fully.

They offer mundane protection equal to that of leather armour; however, the runic power they hold is much stronger. Each piece has a number of charges it can hold - head and feet have 8, legs have 16 and chestplate has 24. Those charges act as a second life to you, or a shield, protecting you from most physical damage until they are depleted.

It protects from usual attacks, explosions and falling. It does not protect the wearer from lava, drowning or hunger, but the runic life persists and will hold until depleted.

Advanced Runic PiecesEdit

Runic Goggles of RevealingEdit

You'd charm to your Goggles of Revealing, gaining the benefits of both. The wearer still gains the 5% discount from the goggles.

Runic Boots of the TravelerEdit

You can bind the runic feet charm to your Boots of the Traveler, gaining the benefits of both.


You can apply several augmentations to your runic armor, although each piece can only hold one of them.

  • Energetic: This will make the augmented piece recharge 20% quicker than normal.
  • Augmented: Increases the number of charges a piece has.
  • Kinetic Feedback: When your runic life is depleted it will release a blast of kinetic energy around the thaumaturge, pushing enemies back and dealing damage. It has a 30 second cooldown and the blast's power increase with each piece with this augmentation equipped.
  • Revitalizing Feedback: When your runic life is depleted it will imbue the wearer with a quick regeneration for a while, many times preventing immediate death. It has a 30 second cooldown and has its effect increased with each piece with this augmentation equipped.
  • Hardened: When your runic life is depleted it will increase your protection levels, making said piece give double the mundane protection, equivalent to that of iron armor.
  • Emergency Shielding: To save your life, use this. When you runic life is depleted, it will instantly add at least 8 charges spread among your other runic armor pieces. Each runic piece with this augmentation will add 8 charges.

Note that these augmentations can be applied to advanced runic pieces as well.