"Purifying Heat" -Azanor

The Pickaxe of the Core is one of the five basic tools unlocked once the player learns Infusion.

The Pickaxe of the Core mines at a Diamond level (i.e. it can mine Obsidian) despite only requiring one diamond to create. It's real power, however, is the ability to search for ores in a small radius. Right-clicking a block will cause lights showing the locations of liquids and ores nearby through the walls, at a small cost to it's durability.

The Pickaxe of the Core is an extremely recommended craft due to the fact that it's cheap, safe to infuse, and usually pays for itself really quickly by leading the player to diamonds and other materials.

Crafting Edit



  • 2 Fire shards
  • 1 greatwood log
  • 1 Thaumium pickaxe (center)
  • 1 Diamond
  • 8 Ignis
  • 8 Perfodio
  • 8 Sensus

Instability: Negligible

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

By infusing a thaumium pickaxe with fire shards, you have created a pickaxe that glows with the heat of a forge.

When you mine ore blocks, there is a chance that you will mine a cluster instead. Native clusters are much easier to process and produces double the normal amount of metal when smelted.

It can also be used to sound out any surface you right click against to find out what valuable materials can be found nearby.

If shift is held while using this tool, all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal pickaxe.

Usage Edit

When right-clicked against a block side, glowing lights will show the location of any ores, water, and lava within 8 blocks. (A number of "false markers" will flash for a fraction of a second, while the true markers will take a few seconds to fade.)  Water and lava will show as transparent blue and orange blocks, while all ores show as identical orange lights.

Some ore veins can be partly identified by their arrangement:  Coal has much larger veins, and infused stone (shard ore) is often arranged differently from vanilla ores. Isolated lights are likely amber or cinnabar ores (amber is more likely near the surface, while cinnabar is common at deeper levels). This ability is very powerful when looking for the more valuable ores, especially when diamond hunting!

When mining iron, gold, or cinnabar (and even similar mod ores such as tin or copper), this pickaxe can return a "native cluster" instead of an ore block. The native cluster will smelt into two ingots (or drops) of metal instead of the usual one. The Fortune enchantment will sharply increase the chances of getting a native cluster, up to 25% per level.  The user can also repeatedly place and mine any ore blocks that were mined, until all the ore is converted to native clusters.  Silk Touch will not prevent conversion into native clusters. 

As a bonus, if the pickaxe is used to attack a mob, it will set them on fire.

History Edit

In older versions, the pickaxe would "detect" a number of other blocks, including wood, sandstone, crafted blocks, and mod blocks.