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These demi-humanoids spawn in magical biomes (including Taint, though the results aren't pretty). They come in several varieties -- most common are Foragers, but there are also Stalkers and Thaumaturges. They are materialistic creatures that will grab almost any item left on the ground near them. However, they have a special lust for precious or magical items, and especially those with the Lucrum aspect, and will "trade" a variety of goods for such items. (It is rumored that the individual types also have other favorite aspects.) They appear duck-like, with large packs on their back.


When first encountered, a Pech will generally avoid the player, but will run to pick up any loose item near them. This can be used to lure them into captivity, but there are a few things to consider: Firstly, Pech are "officially" hostile monsters, and will despawn if not properly tended. There are two ways to keep them from despawning. The more reliable way is to use a nametag on them like any other mob.

Angering a Pech might be a last-ditch way to get it to follow you, but not if they can attack you from a distance: Thaumaturge Pech will zap you with their wand, while other Pech may have picked up a bow, which they can use.

Even with a full inventory, they will still go to pick up items with Lucrum. If they pick up enough of them, they will become "friendly", emitting green sparks. While friendly, a player can right-click on them to open a trading GUI, similarly to villagers. Unlike villagers, Pech do not offer goods up front; instead, you need to present them with any Lucrum-containing item (or a mana bean), and press the "dice" button to get up to four items, which may be valuable or junk. (Note that items the Pech picked up will also be in the mix.)

After several trades, they will exit trading mode, dropping any valuables left in their trading slot. At this point, they will need some more "freebies" before they will trade again.

Note that guard and vanilla golems will attack Pech, so they cannot be captured or housed near golems.

Housing and PreparationEdit

Unless you're prone to carrying around stacks of emeralds or such, the best strategy is first to prepare someplace to keep them, then find a Pech and lure it into captivity. Any sort of building will contain them, as they do not open gates or doors. (In fact, even a fenced yard will hold them, but if it's open to the sky, lightning may be a hazard.) However, you will also want a fence you can trade over, with enough clearance above so that you can also throw items over the fence if needed (see below). The classic pressure-plate plus fence-gate arrangement will get them behind the fence without letting them run back out.

Note that putting them in your own lair may not be the best idea, simply because they are quite noisy, and their growls can become annoying.

Finding a PechEdit

Pech spawn in any of the three magical biomes. If you have a Magical Forest handy, that's by far the best, as you can scan the area for any Pech which have spawned overnight. The desperate can try to lure them out of a Tainted Land before they get killed. For most players, however, an Eerie Biome is the way to go: They are fairly common and not terribly dangerous. Aside from simply waiting for a Pech to spawn, a workable technique is to build a covered spawning area (preferably with switchable lights) in the Eerie area, and housing for the Pech nearby. Any hostile mobs can be killed in the usual ways, and when a Pech does appear, it can be lured into the prepared home for it.

Pech are formally hostile monsters -- like spiders, they can attack even if they sometimes don't.  That means they will not spawn on Peaceful difficulty. Switching to Peaceful even for a moment will make all Pech in currently loaded chunks disappear regardless of nametags or other factors.

Assuming Peaceful difficulty is avoided, Pech will still despawn normally unless: a) they are named with a Name Tag, or b) the Pech has picked up five or more dropped items. The latter method can keep a Pech safe until you have a name tag ready.


You will need a number of items to capture your Pech:

  • To begin with, you'll need a stack of worthless items (cobble or sticks will do fine) for use as "breadcrumbs" . Try to stay with one type of item for luring them, so as not to fill their inventory.
  • As above, you should have a nearby pen or house prepared already. Use a fence gate with pressure plate as entrance, toss a breadcrumb inside, and leave the gate open.
  • Bring a suitably-renamed nametag, as you may need to build a temporary pen, grab more items, or even sleep through the night while dealing with a particularly uncooperative individual.
  • It's wise to also take along a pile of gold coins, in case their inventory gets filled (perhaps with stray mob drops). Don't use these unless they're ignoring the worthless items, because if they go into trading mode, you may need to trade with them until they drop back out, so that they go back to picking up worthless items.
  • In case you do need to trade with them, you may want a Hand Mirror or Travelling Trunk, or at least a spare chest, to get your purchases out of the way.

Begin by naming the Pech, then throw your breadcrumbs to lead the Pech where you want it to go. You can run ahead to refresh the breadcrumb inside the pen, and lay trails up or down stairs, through doorways, etc. If they stop picking up items at all, switch to coins. If that puts them into trading mode and they are no longer picking up coins, use the coins to trade with them until they get tired of trading, then go back to laying breadcrumbs. Pech can be remarkably uncooperative, but persistence will be rewarded!

Important Note: Guard golems will consider Pech to be "hostile mobs" regardless of their trading or aggro status! You will need to pick up or otherwise disable any guard golems near where you want to capture them, much less their eventual home. Remember that the range for guard golems is at least 16 blocks from their home ring (further with some upgrades), and unlike the Pech, golems can open fence gates or doors.


Again, you will need to throw "precious" (Lucrum-containing) items at the Pech to get it into trading mode.

Once in trading mode, you can right-click them to open a trading interface featuring a single "offer" slot, a "dice" button, and four output slots (initially empty). Additionally, you can offer mana beans in the trading slot (Pech do not consider these valuable). After a few rounds, the Pech will just take the item and close the interface. You then will need to offer a few more "freebies" before the Pech will be willing to trade with you again. While you can put a stack of items in their trading slot, this is not wise; when they leave trading mode, they will drop any leftovers on the ground. For each click of the "dice" button, the Pech will take one item from the input slot, and give back up to four items, which may be valuable or junk. ("Junk" can include items the Pech has picked up.)

The most common and dispensable items with Lucrum are often the golden armor from monster kills (and gold swords, once the Nether is in play). However, emeralds also serve well, advanced mages can use phials of Lucrum essentia, and treasure bags can be used directly (instead of opening them). Some unexpected items have Lucrum as well, such as music discs.

The number and value of the goods you receive will depend on how much Lucrum the item you offered contained -- mana beans or gold coins will likely get one or two worthless items such as colored candles (and may get nothing), while gold ingots, emeralds, Lucrum phials, or treasure bags will get successively more valuable rewards.

Valuable items gained from Pech can include native clusters of iron, gold, or cinnabar, mana beans, normal or enchanted golden apples, and even phials of Lucrum or treasure bags . (They will occasionally "trade up" treasure bags, returning a Rare for an Uncommon or Uncommon for Common.) They also offer Thaumium tools, and various magical trinkets (apprentice rings, vis amulets, and focus pouches), none of which are too useful

Pech Foragers can give silverwood or greatwood saplings as well. Pech Thaumaturges can also give magical books, candles, aspect shards or clusters, knowledge fragments, and the otherwise-unobtainable Pech's Curse wand focus.

It is worth noting that Pech Foragers give a good amount of native gold clusters even for gold coins, and theoretically these gold clusters can be smelted and then retraded. Pech can also give dungeon loot, so if you have mods that modify dungeon loot (most notably the Portal Gun mod) you can expect to find some, although then again you will still need plenty of Lucrum materials.

In general, a properly kept Pech can give all sorts of valuables, and if Lucrum collection ever becomes trivial obtaining these valuables will become trivial as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Pech means "bad luck" in German, Dutch, Polish and Czech.