Paving stone of travels

Paving stone of Travel

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

"By altering the magical structure of arcane stone you are able to create a paving stone that adds new bounce to the step of anyone walking on it.

Anything walking across it will have greater speed and agility for a couple seconds."


  • Terra
  • Volatus
  • Iter

Construction and UseEdit

The Paving Stone of Travel is constructed in the Arcane Workbench using 4 pieces of Arcane stone bricks, an Aer and Terra shard, along with 10 each of Aer and Terra points from a wand.

The Paving Stone of Travel increases the movement speed of an entity that passes over it so long as it is on it.

If walked on the paving stones gives their target a Speed II and Jump Boost I potion effect for 2 seconds. the stones are most efficently used if placed about 10 blocks apart.

Note that in order for the stones to give effect the target must walk directly on it, as walking on the edge of the stone doesnt apply the boost.

The Paving stone can be concealed with a thin block, like a carpet or a cover block, and still give the boost.