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Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Order, Entropy: ores and shards

Thaumcraft 4 adds three different types of ore to Vanilla Minecraft. They are Infused Stone, Cinnabar and Amber. Below is information taken from the Thaumonomicon.

Infused StoneEdit

On occasion there is so much primal energy in an aura that it will settle into solid stone to form Infused Ore. The magic forms crystals within the rock that can be harvested as shards. These crystal shards have various elemental properties, and have many uses in Thaumaturgy.

There are six types of infused stone, one for each of the Primal Aspects. While any of the aspects can be found in any biome, each element is "favored" by certain types of biome, where it will be more common. (The biases are the same as for node aspects.)

  • Air Infused Stone, common in plains-type biomes.
  • Fire Infused Stone, common in desert biomes
  • Water Infused Stone, common in ocean, river, and swamp biomes
  • Earth Infused Stone, common in forest biomes.
  • Order Infused Stone, found most often in Mushroom Islands, Magical Forests (worldgen), extreme hills, and other biomes marked as "magical".
  • Entropy Infused Stone, found in Swamp biomes and any biome marked as a "wasteland".

Infused stone generates at all levels, including above sea level. It appears in veins of 2 to 8 blocks, depending on depth and the biome biases described above.  (That is, the favored aspects will come in larger veins.) The blocks "glow" in the dark, making them visible at great distances, however they do not shed light on its surroundings. When mined (stone pickaxe or better), infused stone will usually drop 1 shard, and sometimes two. Mining with the Fortune enchantment can drop up to one more shard per level.



Amber and Cinnabar ore. Amber and quicksilver are also shown.

When smelted, Cinnabar produces Quicksilver. Cinnabar generates at all levels and is usually found in veins of 1 or 2 blocks.


When mined, Amber will drop chunks of amber. Amber is used in some crafting recipes, such as the arcane lamp, as well as for decorative blocks. Amber generates at all levels and is usually found in veins of 1 or 2 blocks.