"For the Thaumaturgist on the go" -Azanor

This construct allows you to move nodes closer to your base, allowing for much faster and easier recharging of your wand. It is commonly used to build a "node room" around a wand recharge pedestal, or to place a node to be energized.

To capture a node, it must be enclosed in a 3x3x3 box of glass (26 blocks), which in turn must be topped with a layer of 9 wooden slabs. Then a wand (or staff, scepter, or even a staffter) is right-clicked on the node. The wand must be able to provide 70 vis of each primal aspect, which is consumed to convert the construct into a "jarred node" block. This can be picked up (mined) as an item, and later placed elsewhere. However, the node is more likely than not to be damaged by its capture, reducing it one level from Bright to normal to Pale to Fading. Also, the node's maximum vis is capped to what it had at the time it was jarred.

A jarred node can be placed against any other block, and mined with any tool or none. The enclosed node is inert, and cannot be drained with a wand nor regenerate vis. When a jarred node is right-clicked with a wand (etc), the jar is opened and the node is released into the world. After release, it will still regenerate any vis that was drained before the capture, and the properties of the node will stay the same (if the node is a pale node, it will still regenerate its vis at a slower rate, tainted nodes will still spread taint, etc). The node can still raise its maximum vis through node bullying or if it is a hungry node, however.

  • 26 Glass
  • 9 Wooden slabs
  • Vis: 70 of each primal aspect.

Research by AspectEdit

Node in a Jar
  • Lucrum
  • Auram
  • Permutatio
  • Motus

Thaumonomicon ExcerptEdit

Warded jars have proven themselves capable of storing all manner of mundane and mystical things, and you believe you have discovered another use for them - trapping aura nodes.

By constructing a large version of a jar around a node and enacting the proper mystical formula with your wand, the node will become trapped inside the construct which will quickly shrink to a more manageable size. The jar can then be safely picked up and moved around, but the initial trapping spell does have a very good chance of damaging the node.

While trapped, the node is kept suspended and will not regenerate vis, nor can vis be drawn from it. It is possible to free the node from the jar by placing it in the world and clicking on it with a wand. The jar will be destroyed in the process.