Nitor when tossed into the world.

"This flame seems to be fueled by magic itself. The number of uses for an ever-burning flame seems endless, but unfortunately it seems to produce much more light than heat. Despite that it could still prove to be a steady source of energy.

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How to Research Nitor in the Research Table.


Nitor is created in the Crucible with:

  • 3 Ignis
  • 3 Lux
  • 3 Potentia

Once these Aspects are in, toss a piece of Glowstone Dust into the Crucible to finish.



Nitor when placed.

Nitor can be used to illuminate areas very similar to torches, but will look fairly similar to an aura node. While Nitor can no longer be used as fuel, placing it under the Crucible will boil the water.

Note: If you have Thaumic Tinkerer, Hyperenergetic Nitor is researchable after the Nitor research is completed.

Tips Edit

A very easy and safe way to create Nitor is to toss 3 torches, 2 coal and 1 glowstone dust into the crucible.