Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You can now enchant a pair of magic mirrors that act as doorways to the void between worlds."

Crafting Edit

To make a magical mirror you need to make mirrored glass which is made in the arcane workbench.

  • 1 Quicksilver on the left side of 1 glass pane next to each other.
Crafting GUI.png


Glass Pane

Mirrored Glass


  • 10x ignis
  • 10x terra

To make the mirror itself you need to use an infusion altar.


  • Mirrored glass (middle item)
  • 1x ender pearl
  • 3x gold ingots

Use Edit

To use a mirror place one against any block. In current versions they can even be placed on floor and ceiling. Right-click on this placed mirror, with another mirror in your inventory, will convert the mirror (or one of a stack of mirrors) into an unstackable "linked magical mirror", showing a black "portal" center. When this is also placed in the world, both mirrors will make a noise and show the black center. To transport items, throw them onto either mirror and they will appear in front of the other mirror.

Mirrors receiving items will accumulate their own form of instability (not to be confused with infusion instability). As the mirror becomes unstable, it will emit items more and more slowly. While mirror instability fades slowly over time, it can be countered much more quickly by providing Ordo centivis from a nearby relay or energized node.

History Edit

In prior versions (before the introduction of centivis), magic mirrors were fueled by Iter from a jar placed near the sending mirror. Every stack of items sent would consume 1 Iter.

Research by AspectEdit

Mirror Magic

Magical mirror reasearch

Mirror Magic

Magical mirror reasearch in Thaumcraft

  • Vitreus
  • Tenebrae
  • Alienis
  • Iter