Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Any living creatures bathed in the gentle pink glow of this lamp is immediately placed in a much more romantic mood. If they are able, they will seek out others of their kind to mate. The lamp will have not effect if there are eight or more of a species present. It requires Victus essentia to function which can be fed to the lamp by attaching the lamp directly to an essentia piping system."

Usage Edit

The Lamp of Fertility is a device for rapidly breeding animals. The exact area of effect is unclear, but likely similar to the Lamp of Growth. Any breedable animal within range will periodically go into "love mode", without need for food and regardless of whether it has bred recently. Generally this will happen to two animals at a time, but to successfully breed, they still need to meet some of the usual conditions: In particular, they must be able to reach each other, and both must have solid footing. As noted in the description, a species will not be fertilized if there are already 8 or more of them within range. The breeding animals will drop experience orbs as usual.

The lamp requires Victus essentia to work, which must be piped to the lamp. It will use more Victus according to the number of animals it puts into love mode, regardless of whether they breed successfully. In older versions, it could draw essentia from a distance, including through essentia mirrors.

Crafting Edit

Lamp of Fertility

To craft it you need an infusion altar.


  • Arcane lamp (middle item)
  • 2x Fire shards
  • 2x gold ingots
  • 1x carrot
  • 1x wheat


  • 16x Bestia
  • 8x Lux
  • 16x Victus