Infusion Enchantment

Thaumcraft 4 offers a way to add enchantments to items by Infusion. Infusion Enchanting trades the guesswork of an enchanting table, for magical know-how.  While experience levels are still used, powerful enchantments are broken up into many small steps, each of which takes only a few levels. Thus, all the work can be done from low levels, costing much less experience per level.

However, the new method also has additional costs, both material objects and purified essentia. As well, the use of Infusion offers the potential for instability to disrupt the process. The infusion difficulty starts from Negligible to Moderate, but each level of the item's prior enchantment adds difficulty.

Thaumonomicon Edit

"For ages now wizards and thaumaturges have been enchanting weapons, tools and armor by imbuing objects with their own life energy. While effective, the process is tediously and the results are completely unpredictable. Your discovery of infusion crafting might have uncovered a solution to both those problems."

Enchanting via this method will require varying amounts and types of essentia, levels of experience, enchantment-specific items, and Salis Mundus. The enchanting is performed on the Infusion altar. Both Thaumcraft and vanilla enchantments may be applied in this way. Enchantments added by other mods, such as Mariculture, normally cannot (unless the other mod provides an Infusion recipe for the enchantment).

If no player in the vicinity has enough levels to perform the enchantment, the infusion will stall at the beginning; the altar will "light", but will not draw essentia. It will accumulate instability until the infusion is cancelled by removing the target item.

See also Runic Shielding Augumentation, which uses varying amounts of Salis Mundus and rapidly-increasing amounts of essentia, but no experience levels or other ingredients.


Again, from the Thaumonomicon:

"The essentia and experience costs listed in the following recipes are for the first level of enchantment. To enchant an item to higher levels, simply perform the infusion process again—it can be repeated till the required enchantment has reached its maximum possible level. Essentia and experience cost are multiplied by the level of enchantment you are performing, so a level II enchant costs twice as much as a level I."

"Additional costs might is also required if the item already contains enchants other than the one you are currently performing.  This cost is usually around 10% per level of enchantment, so enchanting a sword with Fire Aspect I that already contains Smite III will cost 30% more."

Base costsEdit

All recipes require Salis Mundus. The costs below are in addition to this.

Note that as stated above, the cost in essentia and levels gets multiplied by the target level of enchantment. (The material ingredients are unaffected.) Thus, going from Haste II to Haste III will cost 15 levels, 24 Iter, 12 Praecantatio, and 24 Volatus. Also note that these costs assume no other enchantments exist on the target item. Otherwise, expect an extra 10% cost per level of existing enchantment (not counting the one you're working on).

Enchantment Max Levels Essentia Items
Repair II 6 10 Fabrico, 20 Ordo, 8 Praecantatio anvil
Haste III 5 8 Iter, 4 Praecantatio, 8 Volatus nitor
Protection IV 1 4 Praecantatio, 8 Tutamen iron ingot
Fire Protection IV 3 4 Ignis, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Tutamen iron ingot, magma cream
Blast Protection IV 1 4 Perdito, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Tutamen iron ingot, gunpowder
Projectile Protection IV 1 4 Praecantatio, 4 Tutamen, 4 Volatus iron ingot, arrow
Feather Falling IV 1 4 Aer, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Volatus feather
Respiration III 3 8 Aer, 8 Aqua, 4 Praecantatio sugar cane
Aqua Affinity I 1 8 Aqua, 8 Motus, 4 Praecantatio sugar cane, slimeball
Thorns III 3 8 Herba, 4 Praecantatio, 8 Telum dead bush, nether quartz
Sharpness V 1 4 Praecantatio, 8 Telum iron sword
Smite V 1 4 Exanimis, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Telum iron sword, glowstone dust
Bane of Arthropods V 1 4 Bestia, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Telum iron sword, amber
Knockback II 1 4 Motus 4 Praecantatio 3 Telum piston
Fire Aspect II 3 8 Ignis, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Telum iron sword, blaze powder
Looting III 5 8 Lucrum, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Telum iron sword, diamond
Efficiency V 1 4 Instrumentum, 4 Ordo, 4 Praecantatio iron pickaxe
Silk Touch I 5 16 Instrumentum, 16 Meto, 16 Ordo,

16 Perfodio, 16 Praecantatio

iron pickaxe, cobweb
Unbreaking III 1 4 Instrumentum, 8 Ordo, 4 Praecantatio iron pickaxe, obsidian
Fortune III 5 4 Instrumentum, 8 Lucrum, 4 Praecantatio iron pickaxe, diamond
Power V 1 4 Praecantatio, 8 Telum bow
Punch II 4 3 Motus, 4 Praecantatio, 3 Telum piston
Flame I 6 8 Ignis, 4 Praecantatio, 4 Telum bow, blaze powder
Infinity I 6 16 Permutatio, 8 Praecantatio,

16 Telum, 16 Vacuos

bow, arrow

Former Enchantments Edit

Potency, Treasure and Frugal have been removed as of TC; see Focal Manipulator.

  • Potency I - 3 levels, 8 Potentia, 8 Praecantatio, 1 Alumentum
  • Frugal I - 1 level, 8 Fames, 8 Praecantatio, 1 bowl
  • Treasure I - 5 levels, 8 Lucrum, 12 Praecantatio, 1 gold ingot, 1 diamond
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