The Essentia Mirror is a block that is capable of transporting essentia over long distances, with a minor loss in essentia.

Thaumonomicon entryEdit

"Magical mirrors are very useful for transporting items over long distances, but what if the same principle can be applied to essentia? You think you have discovered a way to just that."

Uses Edit

Essentia mirrors cannot be connected to essentia piping systems. Their specific use is to allow an infusion altar to tap supplies that would ordinarily be out of range.

One mirror is placed at each storage area, and a second mirror linked to it (they link just like item mirrors). Then, the second mirror is placed near the altar within the usual 12 block range (the block the mirror is in - not the block it is attached to). Both mirrors must be placed on block faces, but they can be on any side of the block including top or bottom. When an infusion is done, the altar can pull essentia from any jars or reservoirs which are near the altar itself (12 blocks), or any of the "remote" mirrors (within 8 blocks). If supplies from one area run out, it will seamlessly switch to any other location with the needed aspect.

The mirror powers itself by occasionally consuming an extra point of the essentia it is transferring. Note that as usual, the glowing "blobs" are purely decorative -- even if the blobs are apparently blocked by obstacles, the essentia itself will still flow to the mirror and then to the altar.

Crafting Edit

To craft the essentia mirror you need to use arcane infusion.


  • Mirrored glass (middle item)
  • 1x ender pearl
  • 3x iron ingot


  • 8x permutatio
  • 8x iter
  • 8x aqua

History Edit

Formerly, several devices (Infernal Furnace, Arcane Bore, Lamps of Growth and Fertility) could draw essentia through essentia mirrors. Currently, only the Infusion Altar can do so.