Node Using Commands

A super node created using the /give command.

There are three basic commands. All start with typing "/thaumcraft" in chat. To gain help on the commands, type: "/thaumcraft help". There is only one help page. "thaumcraft" can also be replaced with "tc" or "thaum" when typing a command. This page is sectioned off into three parts, each explaining one command

/thaumcraft research Edit

This command works by giving players thauminomicon researches or taking them away.

/thaumcraft research <player | list> <all | reset | research>

The first section in brackets is where you put a list of players you want to affect with this command. Separate the player names with commas OR spaces.

The next section in brackets is where you decide what researches you give them. Typing in "all" here gives the player all researches. Typing in "reset" here resets (takes away) the player's researches. Typing in the name of the research itself gives the player that specific research. So, to give three example players all researches:

/thaumcraft research AllenY,Jenkins,Myfaec all

The above command, when executed, will give the players, AllenY, Jenkins and Myfaec, all of the thaumonomicon researches.

/thaumcraft aspect Edit

This command gives players research points.

/thaumcraft aspect <player> <aspect | all> <amount>

In the first section type in one player's name, you cannot make a list. In the second section write down the name of the aspect you are giving them OR type in "all" to give them all of the aspects at once. The last section is where you type in the amount of points you are giving a player. This number is limited to 99999999. To give the closest player 100 research points in Ordo:

/thaumcraft aspect @p ordo 100

/thaumcraft warp Edit

This command sets a person's warp level.

/thaumcraft warp <player> <add | set> <amount> < PERM | TEMP >

The first bracketed slot is where you type in the player's name. Only one name can fit in. The next section is where you either type set or add; "set" means set the player's warp to that exact level, "add" means you add the amount of warp to their already existing level. The last slot is where you type in the amount. The maximum warp you can give a player in one command is 99. Adding the tag PERM at the end or TEMP changes the temporary or permanent warp, instead of the "normal" warp. Thus, the following three commands will remove all warp from a player (except from equipment):

/tc warp <player> set 0 TEMP
/tc warp <player> set 0 
/tc warp <player> set 0 PERM

/give for Thaumcraft items Edit

Note that the item IDs are case sensitive.

Specific Node Spawning Edit

While random nodes can be generated in creative mode with the node item, nodes with specific characteristics can be spawned as nodes in a jar and then placed in the world. This command is too long to fit into a chat window, but can be run from command blocks or in server consoles:

/give @p Thaumcraft:BlockJarNodeItem 1 0 {nodetype:0, nodemod:0,
 {amount:100,key:"perditio"}], nodeid: "0:0:0:0"}

This command will spawn a Normal Bright node with 100 of each primal aspect, but can be adjusted for other values or node types as below:

Aspect names are specified by the "key:" tag, and must be lowercase. Compound aspects can be included using the same method, or primal aspects excluded by removing them from the list. The "amount:" tag specifies how much of that aspect is present. The nodeid can be almost any 4 numbers without effect (it appears to represent the supposed original coordinates of the node, starting with the dimension ID).

For nodetype:

  • 0 is Normal
  • 1 is Unstable
  • 2 is Sinister
  • 3 is Tainted
  • 4 is Hungry
  • 5 is Pure.

For nodemod:

  • 0 is Bright
  • 1 is Pale
  • 2 is Fading

If you want a regular node, remove the nodemod tag.

Warning: An out-of-range nodetype (or, probably nodemod) will result in your game crashing and then crashing on each load, until you use MCEdit or an NBT editor to destroy the mutant node-jar.

Wands with caps Edit

This will give a Void-capped Primal Scepter. For the regular staff, skip the "scepter:1." clause. For further experimentation, be very careful and back up your world -- as with the nodes, an error can leave you with an unloadable world.

/give @p Thaumcraft:WandCasting 1 0 {sceptre:1,rod:primal_staff,cap:void}

The second command is for the ones who always wanted a super wand, with the Addon Forbidden Magic you can make your own super-wand.

/give @p Thaumcraft:WandCasting 1 0 {sceptre:1,rod:neutronium_staff,cap:void}
  • This command will give you an neutronium staff with void caps.

Runic Shielding Edit

You can give yourself items with Runic shielding with the tag, {RS.HARDEN:#}, and fill the # with whatever number you want. Edit

For example:

/give @p Thaumcraft:ItemLeggingsVoid 1 0 {RS.HARDEN:100}

This command will give you a pair of Void Leggings, with Runic Shielding +100 on them.

Vanilla /summon Edit

The normal /summon command can also spawn Thaumcraft mobs or other entities. Here's a full list of entity names provided by Thaumcraft.

  • Thaumcraft.Golem
  • Thaumcraft.ThaumSlime
  • Thaumcraft.Dart
  • Thaumcraft.FrostShard
  • Thaumcraft.ExplosiveOrb
  • Thaumcraft.ShockOrb
  • Thaumcraft.GolemOrb
  • Thaumcraft.Firebat
  • Thaumcraft.Wisp
  • Thaumcraft.Alumentum
  • Thaumcraft.GiantBrainyZombie
  • Thaumcraft.BrainyZombie
  • Thaumcraft.FollowItem
  • Thaumcraft.SpecialItem
  • Thaumcraft.FallingTaint
  • Thaumcraft.AspectOrb
  • Thaumcraft.TaintSpider
  • Thaumcraft.Taintacle
  • Thaumcraft.TaintacleTiny
  • Thaumcraft.TaintacleGiant
  • Thaumcraft.TaintSpore
  • Thaumcraft.TaintSwarmer
  • Thaumcraft.TaintSwarm
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedVillager
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedChicken
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedPig
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedSheep
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedCow
  • Thaumcraft.TaintedCreeper
  • Thaumcraft.Pech.0
  • Thaumcraft.Pech.1
  • Thaumcraft.Pech.2
  • Thaumcraft.PrimalOrb
  • Thaumcraft.MindSpider
  • Thaumcraft.EldritchGuardian
  • Thaumcraft.EldritchWarden
  • Thaumcraft.EldritchGolem
  • Thaumcraft.EldritchOrb
  • Thaumcraft.CultistKnight
  • Thaumcraft.CultistCleric
  • Thaumcraft.CultistLeader
  • Thaumcraft.CultistPortal
  • Thaumcraft.EldritchCrab
  • Thaumcraft.InhabitedZombie