Clay Golem

Clay Golem without a Golem Core

Clay Golem is an improvement over the Wooden golem. Clay golems are fireproof and more durable than both Wooden and Straw golems; however, they do move a bit slower.

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

"Fired clay is proven to be a superior crafting material for golems. It is fireproof and has more adequate mobility."

Attributes Edit

  • Durability: Average
  • Strength: Average
  • Self-repair: Low
  • Carry Limit: 8
  • Speed: Average
  • Upgrades: 1

Crafting Edit

Requires a Crucible or a Thaumatorium.

  • Catalyst: Bricks
  • Aspects: 4 Humanus, 4 Motus, 4 Spiritus