"Sealing in the foulness"

--- Thaumonomicon Entry

The Brain in a Jar is a placeable block that can absorb and store experience orbs, as follows:

  • While placed, it will draw in any experience orb in the area, just as a player would. If a player is also nearby, orbs will go to whichever is closer.
  • When a player right-clicks on the jar, it will wobble and release some of its stored experience. If the jar is broken or destroyed, all the experience it contains will be released at once.
  • The jar can store up to 2000 experience points; when full it will emit green particles and stop attracting orbs.

Naturally, there are many uses for a Brain in a Jar:

  • Placed by the output of an Infernal Furnace, it will catch the experience drops from smelting.
  • Similarly, it can be placed in a Thaumcraft-style animal farm, to collect the experience produced by the Lamp of Fertility and a Visor-equipped Butcher Golem.
  • Naturally, it can be placed in a mob farm or other killing ground, for experience from Guard Golems or manual kills. Note that the Jar does produce some light, which may interfere with darkness spawns.
  • Half a dozen Jars will suffice to absorb the experience drops from the Ender Dragon.

Crafting Edit

It is crafted by Arcane Infusion:

Target: Warded Jar

Surrounding Items:

  • Zombie Brain
  • 2 Spider eyes
  • Water bucket


  • 10 Cognitio
  • 20 Exanimis
  • 10 Sensus

Instability - Moderate


Aspects Needed:

BiJ Research
  • Exanimis
  • Cognitio
  • Sensus

Also be sure to scan an Angry Zombie or a Furious Zombie. The research topic is forbidden knowledge. Nevertheless, researching this is almost mandatory, because learning this topic is required to unlock Infusion Enchanting. As a prerequisite you need the "Node In A Jar" research.

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

"If you follow the recipe exactly, you should now have a partially animated and fully malicious brain.

It retains some of the hunger it possessed as a zombie and while it cannot consume brains, it still enjoys eating the thoughts and experiences of those slain nearby. Giving its jar a good shake will make it surrender some of its ill-gotten gains for your own use."

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