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"These boots were made for walking"

--- Thaumonomicon Entry

Boots of the Traveller

The Boots of the Traveler are a pair of boots helps to make travelling faster.

Benefits Edit

The wearer of the Boots of the Traveler will experience the following:

  • Overall movement speed of the player is increased.
  • Swimming speed in water is faster, as fast as normal walking on land.
  • Players can now step-up on 1-block high obstacles.
  • Players will walk over a gap of 1 block without falling into them.
  • The user can jump three blocks in the air instead of just one, and can also jump further horizontally.
  • The user can fall further without taking as much damage. These next two sentences contradict each other. This equals roughly five to six blocks more before you die. (Deduct 6 blocks, then half normal fall damage.)