"Rivers of wood" -Azanor

Research by AspectsEdit

Axe of strem 4 2 3 5


Crafting Edit

Arcane Infusion:

  • 1 Thaumium axe
  • 2 Water shards
  • 1 Greatwood log
  • 1 Diamond
  • 16 Aqua vis
  • 8 Arbor vis

Instability: Negligable 

Thaumonomicon PageEdit

"By combining water shards and a thaumium axe, you have created a tool that embodies the aspects of motion and flow.

It functions like a normal axe on all materials except natural logs and trees. When used on them the axe seeks to furthest blocks of the same type that is still connected to the block you are attempting to harvest and harvests that one instead.

In effect you will chop trees from the top down even if you hit the bottom-most block."

Use: Edit

When the Axe of the Stream is used to cut a tree, It will automatically cut the upper-most block in the tree, allowing the player to chop the entire tree from the bottom. All blocks which are broken by the axe immediately "flow" towards the player, and (space permitting) into their inventory. Holding right-click with the axe will draw all nearby log items toward the player. The leaf blocks will also decay more quickly, though saplings do not flow toward the player. Using the axe produces bubble-like particles.

Be careful in dense forests: if the trees overlap, the axe can end up chopping down a whole section of forest! It will also work on other assemblies of logs, such as the borders of village farms or parts of some houses. Formally, the axe chops the furthest "connected" block, and the effect can also cross a one-block gap between logs. If used on a Silverwood tree, any pure node(s) in the tree will be destroyed without warning as their block is chopped (they will drop ethereal essence as usual). 

History Edit

The "Streaming" effect harkens back to Thaumcraft 3, but was only restored in version 4.2. In earlier 4.x versions, the axe merely chopped wood very quickly.