Arcane Table icon

The Arcane Workbench in inventory

The Arcane Worktable is the primary method of crafting in Thaumcraft, and can also be used as a normal crafting table. The Arcane Worktable enables you to craft magical items, which requires a certain amount of vis supplied by a wand.


To create an Arcane Worktable, simply right-click a wand on a table which has been placed in the world. No vis is required to craft the item.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Apart from normal crafting recipes, it can also craft some of the items unique to Thaumaturgy, To do that you need to place a wand in the top-right slot. This will allow you to craft items that requires vis by drawing the energy directly from the wand.

The vis required to craft an item will be shown in the six circular symbols surrounding the crafting grid."