The Arcane Bore is Thaumcraft's method of automated mining. Once set up, it will mine out a tunnel up to 64 blocks long, gathering all drops into an attached chest. It can be fueled either with Perdito centivis or essentia.

Crafting Edit

The arcane bore's "head" is crafted with arcane infusion.


  • Piston (middle item)
  • 2x greatwood logs
  • 2x gold ingots
  • 1x aer essentia shard
  • 1x earth essentia shard
    AB Research
  • 1x diamond shovel
  • 1x diamond pickaxe


  • 32x machina
  • 16x motus
  • 32x perfodio
  • 16x potentia
  • 16x vacuos

The arcane bore's base is crafted in an arcane workbench:


  • 10x aer
  • 10x ordo

Setup and Use Edit

The arcane bore itself can be placed on either the top or bottom of an arcane bore base.

For normal use, two or three more things will be attached to the base:

  • A lever or other source for a redstone signal.
  • A chest in front of the output chute. The output can be moved to a different side by right-clicking with a wand.
  • Optionally, an essentia tube leading from a jar of Perditio essentia.
    • The Bore can be fueled with Perditio essentia (1 point per 16 blocks mined), OR with centivis from an energized node or relay. Without fuel, the Bore will mine very slowly, and a Repair-enchanted pick will not be repaired. (A voidmetal pick will recover durability regardless.).

Right-clicking on the Bore proper will open a two-slotted inventory. Place a pickaxe into one and a focus of excavation in the other. The pickaxe's enchantments and the focus's upgrades affect the capabilities and speed; notably Silk Touch, Fortune/Treasure, and native-cluster production will apply, and the focus' Enlarge level will increase the size of the tunnel produced.

Before activation, the arcane bore can be swiveled by right-clicking with a wand while not activated; it can take any of 5 block-face (90-degree) positions, but cannot point through its own base. When the base receives a redstone signal, the Bore will shoot a green light that will break blocks, swiveling slightly to aim at different angles. It will produce a tunnel, square but with the corners left unmined, 5 blocks across plus 2 for each level of Enlarge on the focus. (That is, the radius will increase by 1 per Enlarge level.) The tunnel will take a block or two of distance to reach its full radius, due to the limited angle range of the Bore.

All minable blocks will be broken, not just stone and ores. Even a chest will be broken, if it is within range. All drops from mined blocks will be gathered and released from the output chute; If the chest there is missing or full, they will be dropped into the world as items.

The Bore will continue to mine its tunnel until it reaches one of two conditions:

  • The contained pickaxe is reduced to 1 durability. If the pickaxe regenerates durability (and the Bore has fuel), the Bore will occasionally mine a block or few until the pickaxe is again at 1 durability or...
  • No minable blocks are available within range.
    • The Bore will recognize bedrock, fluids, and warded blocks or arcana as unbreakable, but might be confused by some unbreakable blocks from other mods. It will also recognize that it can't mine through unbreakable blocks, thus a backstop of warded glass can contain the beam for indoor use.
    • As of version, the Bore has a range of 64 blocks.

Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

"You have discovered a device capable of extending the range and power of an Excavation Focus. Of even greater use is the fact that the machine can do so without your constant supervision. You merely need to place it into a specially constructed base, point it in the correct direction with a wand and apply a redstone signal. The arcane bore requires two things to function. The first is an Excavation Focus placed in its leftmost inventory slot. Any enchantments applied to the focus will also alter the functions of the bore. Secondly you need to place any kind of pickaxe into the rightmost slot. The material of the pickaxe will have little effect on the operation on the bore, but the greater its durability the longer it will last. Like the wand, any enchantments will also be applied to whatever the bore mines. Placing a jar of perditio essentia near the bore (within 8 blocks) will greatly speed up the rate at which it mines, but will consume 1 point of perditio for every 16 blocks mined. An arcane bore may only be placed above or below an arcane bore base. Any items mined will be ejected from the base in the direction its nozzle is pointing. It will eject into an inventory if possible. The direction can be changed with a wand."

History Edit

  • In older versions, the Bore had no range limit, and would dig to the chunk-loading limit.
  • Before the introduction of centivis, the Perditio fuel did not need to be piped in; the jar could simply be placed nearby, or the essentia could be supplied through an essentia mirror.
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