The Alchemical Centrifuge is a wondrous invention that allows you to break essentia into its component parts.

When compound essentia flows into the centrifuge from below, it will be slowly broken down into the primal or compound essentia that it is made from. Only one of the components is created for each point of essentia broken down.

The resulting essentia needs to be drawn from the top of the centrifuge.

To use the machine, you must insert the essentia you want broken down into the bottom of the machine, then place the essentia buffer on top of the centrifuge.

Essentia BufferEdit

The Essentia Buffer is part of the routing system for essentia. It can hold a total of 8 points of Essentia at once. It however, has only 1 suction value.

You can increase the suction up to 32 by installing an arcane bellow on the sides of it. 64 suction for 2 arcane bellows and so on. By using a wand and shift right-right clicking on the connection of the essentia buffer to an Essentia tube, you can set it so that the suction becomes 1 again(blue band) or remove suction(red band) or return to original.

This allows for some nifty ways of routing essentia around.

Crafting: (Centrifuge) Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

2018-05-03 19.14.40

Place an alchemical construct in the middle of the grid. To its left place an arcane alembic and to its right place a piston. On top and bottom place essentia tubes.


5x Aqua,

5x Perditio.

5x Ordo.

Crafting: (Essentia Buffer) Edit

Arcane Crafting Table:

In the top middle column, place an essentia valve. Place glass phials in all of the corners. In the right and left of the middle row, place essentia tubes. In the bottom of the middle column, place a restricted essentia tube,


5x Ordo.

5x Aqua.