Grid Eldritch Eye This article heavily features content classified as Forbidden Knowledge or having Warping effects. Researching or further exploring this subject in Thaumcraft may grant Warp to your character.

Severity of warp: Taboo

Advanced golems is a forbidden research (taboo). Advanced golems are simply upgraded golems. Advanced golems correspond to their base part and have the following improvements:

They can hold one extra upgrade.

They move slightly faster.

They have a greater range of sight.

They also have brains in jars on their heads.

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The recipe for Advanced Golem Infusion


Infusion Altar:

Middle Item: Any golem you want.

Outside Items: 1x warded jar.

1x glowstone dust.

1x redstone dust.

1x zombie brain.

1x gunpowder.


8x Sensus.

8x Cognitio.

8x Victus.

Research Edit

Advanced Golem 4.2.3

Advanced Golem

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