This research allows the crafting of advanced alchemical constructs and of the advanced alchemical furnace. The furnace is a structure of multiple blocks and the advanced alchemical constructs do nothing on their own. The furnace needs a constant supply of Ignis vis even when not functioning through pipes, but when smelting it also requires Perditio and Aqua. The machine is able to create huge amounts of distilled Essentia at a very fast pace.

Crafting: Edit

Advanced Alchemical Construct Edit

Arcane Worktable:

Place a primordial pearl in the middle of the grid. (The pearl will not be used up in the crafting process.) Place Void metal ingots in the corners and alchemical constructs in a diamond shape.

Required vis: 30 Ordo, 10 Terra, 10 Aqua

Advanced Alchemical Furnace Edit


Place 8 advanced alchemical constructs all around an alchemical furnace (horizontally and 1 block distance diagonally and to the sides)

Place an alchemical construct on each of the 4 blocks to the front, back, right and left of the furnace. Place alembics on the corners of the advanced alchemical construct square. Tap the structure with a wand to activate the structure.

Required vis: 50 Aqua, 50 Ignis, 50 Ordo.

Setup and UsageEdit

Set up some vis relays and/or energized nodes around your furnace. The AAF uses several aspects of centivis, but can draw these from multiple sources. The machine requires a good deal of centivis to operate at peak performance. It will require Ignis continuously to maintain its heat, then Aqua and Perdito for processing items. While the AAF is on, its heat level is displayed by the fiery vents on the furnace sides, 10 centivis Ignis is known to maintain up to 3 "bars" heat after a brief warmup.

It will be obvious when the furnace begins to activate, as the 3 vents on the sloped parts will begin to fill with fire, each level indicating how fast essentia will be made. The Aqua & Perditio centivis requirements to create essentia seem to be more modest, but providing more may increase the speed and reliability of operation(?). Like other machines, the AAF will have "sparkles" coming from one of the sources feeding it, but this will not necessarily show from all sources.

The four round ports in the bottom middle blocks are your outputs. The furnace maintains only one store of essentia, which can be tapped from any of the outputs, but if you connect up more than one, you don't get to pick which aspect comes out where. In particular, a filter tube at the output will block the furnace if it tries to output a different aspect.. In general, you will want a buffer and reservoir on these outputs, even before any sorting with tubes. Essentia seems to be distributed somewhat whimsically between the available outputs, and you will be producing quite a bit of it very, very quickly; tube-and-jar systems will be prone to clogs, especially if they involve filters. Assigning alchemy golems to the reservoirs (they can't draw directly from the machine (outdated info? They do this in Thaumcraft (Just make sure to place the golem ON the Resevoir!) ) can give you a way to skip the plumbing. Assigning one to each output is a good idea even with a well-designed piping system, as they can hold unexpected aspects and avoid clogs.

When starting up with the AAF, it's best to have many jars and a bank of essential crystallizers handy, as essentia storage will be an issue. Rather than storing jars, chests (or crates or barrels) of essentia are easier to manage and can be re-liquified easily -- for example, to set up a reservoir for a Thaumatorium run or series of infusions.

Alternatively you could make a large cluster of resevoirs to just skip essentia management, but this can be quite expensive as it requires a lot of voidmetal. Labeled void jars and valves can be used to remove unwanted aspects from the cluster.

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