The Mercurial Wand

This page is dedicated towards the many different add-ons for Thaumcraft. While it's a component rather than an add-on, Baubles is a mod developed by the creator of Thaumcraft (Azanor) as an API for adding bits of jewelry to your game. It is a separate mod to Thaumcraft, but it is automatically downloaded when you run Minecraft with Thaumcraft installed. The way it works is by adding a new inventory which is accessed by default by pressing "b".

It is also available as a separate download for those who may need it installed for other mods. Download Baubles from here.

Mods Supporting Baubles Edit

Mods with Thaumcraft supportEdit

Bridge Mods Edit

  • Thaumcarpentry adds aspects to Carpenter's Blocks.
  • Another One Bites the Dust (AOBD) allows clusters to be made from other mod's ores. (I.e TiC Cobalt, Thermal Foundation's Ferrous, etc., etc., etc.)
  • Avaritia  adds two new items if Thaumcraft is installed, The Akashic Records and the Extremely Primordial Pearl.
  • Thaumcraft Mob Aspects is a fairly simple mod to add Thaumcraft aspects to mobs from several mods: Lycanite's Mobs, Mo' Creatures, Special Mobs and Twilight Forest.
  • Thaumcraft Gates allows BuildCraft Gates to interact with Thaumcraft Objects (e.g. Wand Recharging, Warded Jars, etc.)
  • JAMI Provides links to several other mods, but apparently only up to 1.6.4 versions.
  • ThaumcraftNEIPlugin adds support for Not Enough Items, allowing it to display workbench and altar recipes.
  • Forbidden Magic adds an abundance of new, "darker" items and adds crossovers with Blood Magic and Botania.
  • Magia Naturalis adds a few new tools, useful items and mechanics like taint breeding and biome changing.
  • Thaumic Tinkerer adds many new items, mainly gear, and most being upgrades of classic Thaumcraft stuff.
  • Thaumic Exploration adds some awesome looking and very useful and innovative elements to Thaumcraft as well as some other mod integration.
  • Thaumic Energistics adds additional compatibility and items for Applied Energistics 2 and Thaumcraft.
  • Tainted Magic adds more variety to tainted lands and gives a greater use to warp as well as adding new ores with items and tools.

Other Mods Edit

These each have at least Thaumcraft aspects for their items, and some add crossover items or mechanics.

Future Thaumcraft add-onsEdit