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Certain things in this article can not be found in Thaumcraft itself and you must have the mod(s) stated below, as well as Thaumcraft, in order to gain access to such extreme power.

Absorb Your SurroundingsEdit

Absorb Your Surroundings

Absorb Your Surroundings

"You've been putting a lot of effort to find a way to extract raw essentia directly from those blocks that you see around.  While experimenting you found a crossbreed in between a quarry and an alchemical furnace , which can be controlled to either rip off the land beneath it.  Unfortunately you have found this device is a huge power sink (20,000 RF/block). if you have goggles of revealing , you can see what aspects had the last block eaten."


  • Perfodio
  • Motus
  • Permutatio
  • Machina


Absorb Surroundings Recipe

Eldritch Consumer

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Thaumium Pickaxe
  • Redstone Reception Coil
  • Alchemical Construct
  • Warded Jar (x2)